Asia Pacific Daily: “Immigration has been a focus of US midterm elections”

Immigration_CaravanSome commentators and analysts describe these midterm elections as the most important in a generation and the most important election in our lifetime. Calvin Dark, a political commentator and president of the CD Global Strategies Group, stated that this one in particular for a midterm is important. People feel strongly about what they’ve seen over the last two years. This is probably the most effective way that people can voice their opinion in the sense.

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Inside Arabia: “The U.S.’s International Migration Policy: We Can Do Better”

Immigration is a complicated topic, but it does not have to be. Focusing on a common vocabulary and specific policy solutions is a step in the right direction.

Trump_MohammedVI_SidebySide_sU.S. President Donald Trump began his second address to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on September 25, 2018, boasting that his administration “has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.” He touted a booming economy; the stock market at all-time highs; unemployment at all-time lows; a mighty wall on our southern border (in the initial phase of construction, he assured); the most powerful military in U.S. history; and a “Little Rocket Man” turned “Respected Chairman.”

But not once did he mention immigration as a success story for a nation in its 20th month of unprecedented “winning.”

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CEO Bog Nation: “12 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Deal with Fear”

FCEOBlogNationHeadshotoldour and a half years into this journey of starting and building a communications firm, I’ve learned that focus and perspective equip me to overcome fear. There are SO many really scary challenges for entrepreneurs: “We didn’t get that project we bid for!”, “A current client no longer has the budget to keep us on!”, “[FILL IN THE BLANK] bill is due next week!” Then there’s the added stress of feeling like every challenge is an existential crisis. (When your business is your life’s passion, it’s more than just a job…your VISION is at stake!) This is where FOCUS comes in: remind yourself of the specific vision that put you on this entrepreneur’s journey then visualize getting there. Focus then provides PERSPECTIVE where you see those things you’re afraid of alongside the great things you’ve already achieved and the bold, exciting things you’ve got in the works. It won’t make the challenges go away, get less urgent, or become any less necessary to be resolved — but they will seem a lot smaller and more manageable. That perspective frees up the energy you were using to be afraid, better situating you to be more courageous and creative to find ways of resolving challenges that you hadn’t thought of before.

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Duke Alumni Magazine: “The world is less scary when you have family”

Calvin_Dark_Fear_Duke_Magazine_Fall2018_Page_1.pngYou ought not go over there. Ain’t no telling what could happen to you.”

That’s how an aunt warned me when I decided to study abroad. The decision wasn’t surprising because I had a lifelong fascination with foreign languages. But in Siler City, about fifty miles southwest of Durham, I had nearly exhausted the opportunities to use them. It was a shock to both my community and me that I found myself going, with an actual passport and airline ticket, over a big, real ocean.

“But do you even speak Paris?” a cousin asked that summer night after my freshman year before I left for France.

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