Our American Mosaic:2022 National Genealogy Society’s Family History Conference

I’m REALLY excited to be a presenter at the 2022 National Genealogy Society’s #FamilyHistory Conference in Sacramento! I’ll be talking about #McMastersWill: The Scheme That Almost Freed Us during the “#AfricanAmerican #Genealogy Talks” series. 

(Article originally appeared at: https://conference.ngsgenealogy.org/africanamerican2022/)

African American Conference Track 2022

February 22nd, 2022 by Roger Prince

Nine Lectures on African American Genealogy

A total of nine lectures on African American genealogy are included in this year’s conference. There is a complete list below. There is a strong emphasis on early African Americans in California and the West.  Janice Lovelace is giving three talks and five other speakers are giving one as well.

Lovelace will talk about the long history of Black men and women in the American West and Southwest beginning in the 16th century (F313), how to research African American women (T252) and where to look for records of African American cowboys (W148).  Charlotte Bocage discusses the records she used to trace Pamela, an enslaved woman (T202). Calvin Dark will take listeners through the complicated scheme a southern slave owner set up to circumvent southern anti-manumission laws and free his slaves upon his death (T212).  Karina Robinson will talk about a few of the more than 360 African Americans who owned land in the first decade of California’s statehood. (T222).  Ari Wilkins will talk about how to search in newspapers to find enslaved and formerly enslaved people (T242).

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