What is the significance of the #impeachment inquiry vote? Lots.

1. Democrats have called Trump/GOP’s bluff that they wouldn’t go on record with a vote. (Check, it’s ✔️.)

2. All Dems but 2 voted for the inquiry; no Republicans did. For GOP in deep Trump districts, they’ll be aiight. But this wasn’t a vote to impeach, it was to just officially open the investigation. How is a GOP Rep in a moderate district going to explain that they wouldn’t even vote for an investigation into very serious allegations?

3. The American people get to see & hear the testimonies, which will be more enlightening than the spin coming from either side.


Are new laws an assault on human rights in Indonesia? | Inside Story

Extra-marital relations outlawed in Indonesia. And jail sentences for insulting the president. They’re some of the controversial proposals causing an outcry in the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation, Which are considered disastrous by rights groups. Thousands of students vented their anger. Coming under pressure, President Joko Widodo postponed the vote on changes to the draft criminal code. But Indonesians still fear it could be passed by parliament. They’re also angry over the passing of another law that weakens Indonesia’s anti-corruption organisation. The protests have been dismissed by the Indonesian government. So, can the outrage stop the government’s plans?